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Dance Specialty Cocktails


Vida Mezcal, Tempus Fugit Violette, Hibiscus, Lime, Agave, Basil Seeds – Served Over Ice

A seductive ballroom dance known for its dramatic postures and pauses that developed in the bars and brothels of nineteenth century Buenos Aires.

tango dance


Teeling Irish Whiskey, Sacred Bond, Lemon, Honey, Chrysanthemum – Served Over Ice

Jig means to jump, which is an apt description for this bouncy folk dance made up of kicks, jumps and lightening fast foot work.

irish jig dance

Moon Walk

Mi Campo Blanco, Escubac, Kalamansi, Agave, Coconut Milk
– Served On Crushed Ice

Though most associated with Michael Jackson, James Brown, 1970’s wrestlers and Dick Van Dyke also used this move, which creates the illusion of moving backwards while walking forward.

moonwalk dance


Botanist Gin, Martini & Rossi Bitters, Cointreau, White Port
– Served Up

A world wide dance craze set off by Chubby Checker with his 1959
song that taught Americans how to swivel their hips. Inspired the
Mashed Potato, the Swim, and the Funky Chicken.

twist dance


George Dickel Rye, Rancia, Averna, House Smoked Cocoa Bitters – Served Over House Cut Cube

A 1920’s jazz era dance popular with flappers – rebellious young women with short hair and shorter dresses. Banned from many dance halls because it was too scandalous.

charleston dance

Cha Cha

Havana Club Classico, Beet Pineapple Shrub, Ginger, Soda
– Served Over Collins Cube

A Cuban dance that may be named after the triple step the dancers
feet make – cha cha cha – or a West Indian seed pod used to make
musical rattles called the cha-cha.

cha cha dance


Kronstadt Aquavit, Lime, Macadamia Orgeat, Bitters
– Served Up

An earworm of a song accompanied by a Latin line dance that swept the nation in the mid 90’s. The lyrics are based on a woman who dances with soldiers to get back at her boyfriend.

macarena dance

Harlem SHake

Sun Liquor Vodka, Dill, Papaya, Lemon, Sparkling Wine
– Served Up

A herky jerky, frenetic dance style born on the streets of Harlem in the early 80’s. Was recently repopularized when it became a meme.

cha cha dance

Stage Dive SLUSHY

Rotating recipe – always cool, smooth & tasty – ask
your bartender about today’s concoction – Served Long

Started by Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison and perfected by punks
this practice involves climbing up on stage at a show and diving off into the crowd hoping to be caught.

cha cha dance